Introducing the Money Merge Account® program , a powerful tool to help you fulfill your dream of home ownership and save money for your future.
Through an innovative program called the Money Merge Account,  homeowners are paying off their 30-year mortgage in as little as 1/3 to 1/2 of the time - without refinancing their existing mortgage or increasing minimum required monthly payments and with little to no lifestyle changes.


So Much More Is Possible 

Eenhanced features that truly take your financial life to a new level

  • Pay off your mortgage, and all debt, in a fraction of the time
  • No refinancing of existing mortgage needed
  • Potentially save tens of thousands in interest
  • Ability to pay down multiple properties at the same time
  • No increase in existing scheduled monthly payment, and little to no change to your spending habits
  • Is NOT a bi-weekly payment, debt roll-down or loan modifications program
  • Is a Comprehensive Budgeting System, fine-tuned to the sensitivity of your goals
  • Enhanced calculations to pay down debt
  • Software settings that allow how aggressively to pay down debt & build wealth
  • User-friendly software interface.
  • Financial education and coaching
  • Toll-free client support
              Save time and interest on nearly every debt you have

It’s Math, No Magic


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Achieve your financial goals through the Strategic Interest Cancellation and Wealth-Building power of the revolutionary Money Merge Account program…….your “Financial GPS” ……the quickest way out of debt .

   People who understand interest Earn It!...
...Those who don't Pay It!


For centuries banks have used certain core strategies to make their customers’ money – that’s your money - work for them.
It's time to put these strategies to work for you instead of against you!



Imagine Financial Freedom with the Money Merge Account® program,
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